Green Light Law Group believes that with quality representation and carefully vetted agreements, most cannabis businesses should be able to avoid the courtroom altogether. But on those rare occasions when litigation is necessary, Green Light has experienced attorneys who are ready to fight to support your business. We understand the stress and disruption that commercial or regulatory disputes can cause for your business. From ownership disputes to employee disputes and wage issues, we bring nearly fifteen years of courtroom experience to bear supporting your business.

Our attorneys take the time to listen to your goals and evaluate the best methods for dispute resolution, whether that means resolving the issue with a few phone calls, settling out of court, litigating the case, or finding alternate dispute resolution mechanisms. Whether it is through an out of court settlement or through the judicial system, Green Light is committed to aggressively representing your interests. Our number one priority is to ensure that any point of conflict is resolved in a swift manner, allowing business owners to focus on what’s important: doing business.

With ongoing uncertainty in Oregon’s cannabis testing regulatory regime, Green Light Law Group recognizes that cannabis cultivation and extraction businesses face unprecedented uncertainty with regards to their ability to sell their product. Green Light is prepared to represent the interests of growers and processors who have lost revenue due to the unanticipated challenges brought about by the incoherent and frequently shifting cannabis testing landscape.

We can also assist your business through Administrative Procedures Act proceedings in appealing a state agency’s decision to revoke your business license or registration. Green Light will work closely with you to vigorously defend your rights through the time sensitive appeal process to ensure that your business quickly gets back on its feet.

Green Light Law Group has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the laws and regulations that govern industrial siting and environmental matters, and we are known for our innovative approaches to environmental compliance, sustainability, and the triple bottom line. Whether you are new to the issues involved in manufacturing and production, or a seasoned industrial player just entering the cannabis industry, our attorneys can provide step by step guidance to help you navigate through both the cannabis-specific and general industrial processes necessary to get your facility up and running.

This will involve ensuring that your processing facility complies with safety requirements, environmental statutes, and worker protection guidelines. We can also help to ensure that your manufacturing processes are designed in ways that are regulation compliant.