Marijuana Regulatory Licensing


We know that our clients have expertise in producing and selling fine cannabis products, but they may lack the expertise to navigate the complex regulatory and licensing frameworks necessary to get a new business off of the ground. As new laws and rules are implemented in an industry that is in continuous flux, legislators and regulators are not always aware of the ramifications that their decisions have upon the individuals who own and operate marijuana businesses. Green Light Law Group is equipped to guide clients through these shifting waters with an up to date and comprehensive command of Oregon’s regulatory landscape.

Acquiring a marijuana registration or license requires significant planning and institutional knowledge across a broad spectrum of regulations, including local zoning and building codes. Our attorneys have experience working through the state and local regulatory structures and processes necessary to obtain a cannabis license and can help guide you through these processes to meet or exceed your application obligations as well as your ongoing permitting and compliance requirements.

Each new set of rules promulgated by the Oregon Liquor Control Commission or Oregon Health Authority creates new challenges for marijuana business owners. Green Light Law Group is there for our clients every step of the way, staying abreast of the most recent interpretations with respect to what is permissible and impermissible under each new iteration of regulatory rules. Our attorneys are always up to date on the latest rule releases with the insight to understand their impact on your business.

We understand that licensing and compliance are among the most important issues in the highly regulated marijuana industry, especially for small business owners. As Oregon’s marijuana industry continues its transition towards an adult use recreational regime, we know how vital it is to stay abreast of the activity in Salem and Milwaukie that may create new challenges for industry participants. Green Light Law Group attorneys stay involved in the legislative and administrative processes to fully inform our clients of the potential impacts that proposed legislation may have upon them, enabling them to anticipate regulatory problems before they arise.