“I was impressed with the sheer size of the event. It was great to see how far the industry has progressed in such a short time.” — Brad Blommer, Green Light Law Group, LLC

“The regulatory body governing Oregon’s recreational marijuana program created a regulation specifically allowing employees of a licensed marijuana facility, who are medical marijuana cardholders, to consume marijuana within the facility,” notes cannabis industry attorney Brad Blommer of Portland-based Green Light Law Group.

Cannabis law experts weigh in on what to do if someone steals your homegrown stash in a legal state.

8 May 2017

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GreenSea’s Jon Russell had the chance to chat with Perry N. Salzhauer, one of the partners from the Green Light Law Group. Green Light based in Portland, Oregon serving the interests of the cannabis industry.

Clean Slate, is partnered with Portland-based law firm Green Light Law Group. The organization is still in its infancy, and is currently taking applications from those who want to benefit from the program.